Torque, power and peak performance from one camshaft package. That's what you get with the Rhoads V-Max Cam and Lifter Combination. For years Rhoads Lifters alone have been boosting low-end torque, engine vacuum and fuel economy on virtually every performance hyrdraulic cam in the industry. But with the introduction of the Rhoads V-Max Cam and Lifter Kit, Rhoads has just made a good thing better.

This unique Cam Kit together with Rhoads' new V-Max Lifter makes it possible to design a cam with extremely tight lobe centers (104 degrees). This greatly enhances low-end torque and throttle response for performance street or mild racing applications. This cam has .440" lift intake, and .460" lift exhaust. At idle the cam is reduced to .400" intake and .420" exhaust. This yields an incredible power curve with instantaneous throttle response and great upper-end power. The cam has 218 degrees intake duration at .050" lift and 227 degrees exhaust. Currently available in small block Chevy only.

“Low-end torque was dramatically improved and the cam is definitely streetable. The light ticking after engine warm-up adds class to my '56 pickup.”----Mike Ferency
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